There is no longer any doubt that there is a link between dental health and overall systemic health. From an increased risk of heart and vascular disease (1), adverse effects on diabetic patients (2), to a link between childhood tooth decay and a delay in reaching developmental milestones, dental health has a definite impact.

There is also a link between an employee’s poor dental health and job performance. Receiving proper dental care can reduce absenteeism and, in the long run, save on overall medical expenses for your employees.

Consider group dental insurance. Whether it is paid for by your company or by your employees, dental insurance can be affordable and has many rewards.

(1)"Patients with periodontal disease were one and a half times more likely to have coronary heart disease and almost two times more likely to die from coronary heart disease and almost 3 times more likely to have a stroke." (Beck J.D. et al, Journal of Periodontology, 67:1123-1137, 1996)

"If we treat periodontal disease in patient's who have had a heart attack, we will markedly decrease the incident of a second heart attack." (The link between periodontal disease and vascular events supported by ongoing studies at University of North Carolina, Boston University, Oregon Health Sciences, University of Maryland.)

(2)"New and emerging research indicates that treatment of periodontal disease may reduce blood glucose levels and thus decrease the amount of insulin required in diabetic patients." (Taylor et al 2004, Kiran et al 2005, Mealey and Klokkevold 2006, Engebretson et al 2006)

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